What’S The Best Screen Protector For Fitbit Versa 2?

How accurate is Versa 2 heart rate?

No wrist-based sensor will be as accurate as a chest strap, but the Versa 2 does hold its own against a more advanced running watch like the Forerunner 245 Music.

Fitbit recently released Fitbit OS version 4.1.

1 for the Versa 2, which is said to improve the heart rate tracking algorithm..

Is the Fitbit versa 2 accurate?

While running, the Versa 2 can display only two metrics, such as elapsed time and heart rate. Without my phone (and its GPS to rely on), the Versa 2 wasn’t terribly accurate. … If you do run with your phone (and use its GPS), the Fitbit app will recalculate your stride length, so that future runs are more accurate.

Does the Fitbit versa need a screen protector?

Getting a Fitbit Versa screen protector is a good idea, especially if you tend to be hard on your wearable as they are prone to scratches.

Does fitbit versa 2 have Gorilla Glass?

Display and design The Versa 2 comes with a colour OLED display instead of an LCD one. It has a 1.4-inch screen paired with Gorilla Glass and peak brightness of over 1,000 nits.

Can you get screen protectors for fitbit versa?

If you’d prefer full-body coverage for your smartwatch, you’ll find that the CAVN Fitbit Versa Screen Protector (4-Pack) and the NANW Fitbit Versa Lite Screen Protector (3-Pack) are both excellent options. You’ll have maximum protection for your screen as well as the body of the watch.

Can you wear a Fitbit versa 2 in the shower?

Wearing your watch wet The Versa 2 can keep track of your laps, duration, distance, and pace during your swim workouts. It also does just fine for a relaxing dip in the ocean or your daily shower. It’s water resistance also means that it is perfectly capable of handling a sweaty run or Crossfit workout.

Is the Fitbit versa 2 touch screen?

The Versa 2’s main improvement over earlier Fitbit smartwatches is its upgraded touch screen. The squarish AMOLED display is not only brighter and crisper than the LCD screen on last year’s original Versa, but it also gives the watch an always-on display.

Can fitbit versa 2 answer calls?

Best answer: Unfortunately, no. Though the Versa 2 does have a microphone, you cannot place or answer calls. Non iOS users can respond to messages with their voice on Android, and all users can activate the microphone to summon Alexa.