Quick Answer: What Is The Postformal Stage?

What is the difference between formal operational thought and Postformal thought?

Formal-operational thinking is absolute, and involves making decisions based on personal experience and logic.

Post-formal thinking is more complex, and involves making decisions based on situational constraints and circumstances, and integrating emotion with logic to form context-dependent principles..

What is Postformal thought quizlet?

Postformal Thought. – a proposed adult stage of cognitive development. – following Piaget’s fourth, a stage that goes beyond adolescent thinking by being more practical, more flexible, and more dialectical. – more capable of combing contradictory elements into a comprehensive whole.

What is the Postformal stage of development?

Postformal thought is practical, realistic and more individualistic, but also characterized by understanding the complexities of various perspectives. As a person approaches the late 30s, chances are they make decisions out of necessity or because of prior experience and are less influenced by what others think.

What does Postformal thought mean?

Postformal thought has been described as more flexible, logical, willing to accept moral and intellectual complexities, and dialectical than previous stages in development. … Jan Sinnot described postformal thought as the step beyond formal thought “by which individuals come to know the world outside themselves”.

What is formal thinking?

While children tend to think very concretely and specifically in earlier stages, the ability to think about abstract concepts emerges during the formal operational stage. Instead of relying solely on previous experiences, children begin to consider possible outcomes and consequences of actions.

What age is the formal operational stage?

What is the formal operational stage in Piaget’s stages of development? Adolescents who reach this fourth stage of intellectual development — usually at or after the age of 11 — are able to logically use symbols related to abstract concepts, such as algebra and science.

What Postformal thought is and why it matters?

Most science, technology, and successful management require postformal thought. Postformal thought matters because the concerns and needs of widely disparate systems and their diverse populations must all be considered if there are to be changes made that are healthy for all involved.

Who came up with Postformal thought?

PiagetPostformal Piaget- ian Thought is one theory that describes this development (Sinnott, 1984b, 1989a-c, 1990, 1991a-c, 1994b).

What is an example of Postformal thought?

Such thinking is more realistic because very few positions, ideas, situations, or people are completely right or wrong. So, for example, parents who were considered angels or devils by the adolescent eventually become just people with strengths and weaknesses, endearing qualities, and faults to the adult.

What do Postformal thinkers do?

Postformal thinkers do not wait for someone else to present a problem to solve. They take a flexible and comprehensive approach, considering various aspects of a situation beforehand, anticipating problems, dealing with difficulties in a timely manner rather than denying, avoiding or procrastinating.

What is the hallmark of Postformal thought?

Beyond Formal Operational Thought: Postformal Thought. As mentioned in chapter 6, according to Piaget’s theory adolescents acquire formal operational thought. The hallmark of this type of thinking is the ability to think abstractly or to consider possibilities and ideas about circumstances never directly experienced.

What are tertiary circular reactions?

in Piagetian theory, an infant’s action that creatively alters former schemes to fit the requirements of new situations.