Quick Answer: What Does Xch Mean?

Is Trow a word?

trow n.

(archaic or dialectal) Trust or faith..

What does Tjw mean?

TJWAcronymDefinitionTJWThomas J. Watson (various organizations)TJWThe Joker’s Wild (TV game show)TJWTriggered Jumping Window (network traffic algorithm)

What does TRAW mean?

Thick, Rich and WhiteTRAW means “Thick, Rich and White”.

What does HROB mean?

human resources operations branchAccording to Field Manual (FM) 1–0, Human Resources Support, the human resources operations branch (HROB) is a subordinate branch of a sustainment brigade or expeditionary sustainment command support operations office and “is responsible for the planning, coordinating, integrating, and synchronizing [of] PA [personnel …

Is TRAW a word?

traw is an acceptable dictionary word for games like scrabble, words with friends, crossword, etc. The word ‘traw’ is made up of 4 letters.