Quick Answer: What Apps Can You Put On Fitbit Versa Lite?

What is the difference between fitbit versa 2 and Versa Lite?

The Fitbit Versa 2 features a 5+ day battery life vs.

the Fitbit Versa Lite which only has a 4+ day battery life.

The difference that 24 hours can make is substantial, and the Versa 2 is more convenient for travelers and campers who might have to wait that extra day until their next charging opportunity..

Is wearing Fitbit safe?

Safety Concerns Fitness trackers emit non-ionizing radiation from their Bluetooth. The EMF radiation emitted by such devices is quite low. … However, radiation exposure may increase while wearing Fitbit continuously. A few Fitbit models have been reported to cause skin irritation, wrist pain, or burns.

What apps work with Fitbit?

Best Fitbit-Compatible Apps for 2020IFTTT.com. Android. IOS. … Strava. Android. IOS. … LEADERBOARD. IOS. Are you the competitive type? … MyFitnessPal. Android. IOS. … FitLine. IOS. This app is great for someone who likes a lot of customization and a lot of detail. … FindMyFitBit. IOS. … FitStar Personal Trainer App. Android.

What notifications can I get on fitbit versa Lite?

You can receive text, call and even view app notifications on your Versa Lite. To control which alerts you can see on your watch, head over to the mobile app and tap on the device icon at the top left. Tap on Notifications and use the toggles to turn on/off notifications for calls, text messages and calendar events.

Can I shower with Fitbit versa Lite?

It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you don’t have to worry about your Versa lite getting wet in the rain, the shower, or your sweat. You can wear it in the pool, a lake, or the ocean, no problem.

Can you answer calls on fitbit versa Lite?

Best answer: No. You can’t make phone calls on the Fitbit Versa Lite, but you can accept or decline calls if your iPhone is nearby.

How do I get text on my Fitbit versa Lite?

Please open your Fitbit mobile app, tap on Versa and scroll down to Notification section under General.Open Notifications and make sure Text Messages notifications use DEFAULT text messaging app on your device (or Google Messages). … Please open Android Settings and scroll down to Notifications section:More items…•

Which Fitbit is waterproof?

The Fitbit devices that are water-resistant include the Fitbit Ace 2, the Fitbit Versa, the Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Inspire, and Fitbit Ionic.

What can you do with a Fitbit versa Lite?

Fitness aptitude Elsewhere, the Fitbit Versa Lite is just as capable as the Versa. You get the same four-day battery life, connected GPS, customizable exercise modes, and heart-rate monitoring, as well sleep, female health, and automatic activity tracking.

Can you text on fitbit versa?

If you use an Android phone with your Fitbit Versa 2, you can respond to messages received on the watch via preset and customizable quick replies. … Currently, SMS text messages, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, and Line all allow for this quick reply functionality on Fitbit devices such as the Versa 2.

Can you put a picture on fitbit versa Lite?

Just open the Fitbit app, your watch and here ‘Apps’. Tap on the My Photos app and open Settings there. … If the new photo is successfully sent, the watch vibrates and show the new photo.

Should I buy Fitbit versa or Versa Lite?

While the less-expensive Versa Lite doesn’t offer these extra features, it still has plenty of features to offer. Plus, it comes in more colors….Features or price and colors?Fitbit VersaFitbit Versa LiteSleep trackingYesYes24/7 heart rateYesYes4+ day battery lifeYesYesSwimproofYesYes11 more rows•Mar 15, 2020

Does the Fitbit versa Lite have WIFI?

At $160, the Versa Lite is one of the most affordable smart fitness watches around, which Fitbit accomplished by scaling back on features like onboard Wi-Fi and NFC payments (all still available on the original Versa and the Versa Special Edition).