Quick Answer: Does Withings Scale Work With Fitbit?

Is the Withings scale compatible with Fitbit?

When your Fitbit and Withings accounts are linked, your daily Withings scale weight and body fat percentage measurements will automatically show up in your Fitbit dashboard..

What scales work with Fitbit?

The Weight Guru Bluetooth smart scale connects to your phone and apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, and more to sync your data and streamline fitness goal tracking. The scale measures weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, water weight, and bone mass.

Does Health Mate sync with Fitbit?

Connecting the Health Mate app to Fitbit enables you to export weight data recorded by Withings scales. … You will also have the ability to import step data from Fitbit into Health Mate.

To use the Switch to Nokia feature, perform the following steps:Click this link.Click Import my Fitbit history.Click Get Started.Log in to your Nokia account.Select the user you want to assign your data to.Click Import data.Log in to your Fitbit account.

Does withings work with Garmin?

Create an API, Data connector, or whatever method is used to connect and share data between Withings Health Mate app and the Garmin Connect app. Ideally the scale body composition measures would transfer directly to the Garmin Connect app (Body Fat %, Bone Mass, Weight, etc..)

Does withings sync with Samsung health?

And once again, MyFitnessPal connects to Withings’ app, Samsung Health then connects to MyFitnessPal, and that’s how you get Samsung Health to work with the Withings Body+ scale. As far as features are concerned, you get pretty much everything that smart scales can offer in 2020.

Does withings work with strava?

Withings is thrilled to announce the compatibility of its Steel HR, Steel HR Sport and Pulse HR watches with Strava, the world’s largest sports participation platform. … Our integration also offers an exclusive Strava watch screen, so you can stay on top of your weekly distance and never miss a kudos.

How do I add a scale to my Fitbit?

In a web browser, go to fitbit.com/scale/setup/start. Click the pink Get Started button in order to begin the setup process. Enter a name for your scale and your initials. Put your scale into setup mode by removing a battery from your scale when you’re prompted to do so, then wait 10 seconds and reinsert the battery.

What apps work with Withings scale?

Apple Health. Health record. Learn more.Google Fit. Health record. Learn more.IFTTT. Home Automation. Learn more.MyFitnessPal. Nutrition & weight. Learn more.Nest. Home Automation. Learn more.RunKeeper. Fitness tracking. Learn more.Fitbit. Fitness tracking. Learn more.Lifesum. Nutrition & weight. Learn more.More items…

Are fitbit scales accurate?

Fitbit says, it is as accurate as any other electronic commercial scale.

Are fitbit scales good?

Our Verdict The Fitbit Aria 2 scales works seamlessly with Fitbit’s dashboard and mobile apps, plus all its activity trackers, such as the Aria, Charge 2 and Ionic. You could use it without the trackers but together they make a great fitness or weight-loss team.

How do Bluetooth scales work?

Body fat scales are easy to use. … Such scales work with the help of sensors underneath your feet that use bioelectrical impedance. When you step on the scale, a small electrical current runs up through your leg and across your pelvis, measuring the amount of resistance from body fat.