Quick Answer: At What Age Can You Go To LA Fitness?

Can you go to LA Fitness twice a day?

Do you do two-a-days.

Exercising two times a day can be beneficial for very fit individuals but it is important to space out your workouts.

Allow at least four to six hours in between workouts for optimal results..

Can kids work out at LA Fitness?

After having a child, some moms think their days of working out at a gym are over. Thankfully in Los Angeles, that’s not the case. Parents are welcome to bring their children to the studio during their workout. …

Is LA Fitness guest pass free?

LA Fitness Guest Passes are free, you can go to any Fitness facility and ask to try this facility with a 3 day guest pass. Alternatively, if you already have a membership friend, you can ask them to get a VIP Guest Pass from the General Manager or the membership sales staff.

Can I go to LA fitness without a membership?

If the guests choose to attend the facility without the primary member, the guests must purchase an individual membership at $24.99. 2. You can add up to three (3) adult family members at the rate of $24.99/month per person and no initiation fee.

How do I avoid the initiation fee at LA Fitness?

Add Family Members to Save on Initiation Fees If other people in your household want to join LA Fitness, they’re in luck. Just add them to your account for a $25 initiation fee plus monthly dues. You could also ask if the club can eliminate or further reduce these fees if you add more members to your account.

Can you join LA Fitness for a month?

LA Fitness has two types of memberships: For $29.99 per month (plus a $99 initiation fee and a $39 annual fee) you get access to multiple clubs in a single state. For $26.99 per month (plus a $99 initiation fee and a $39 annual fee) you get access to a single club.

Can kids swim at LA Fitness?

As of June, children under four will be allowed to access its swimming pools for free, while a new national fee structure will mean parents know exactly how much they will pay for older children, regardless of which branch they use. …

What age can you go to LA Fitness?

16 yearsMust be 16 years of age or older (or at least 13 years of age and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian), sign membership agreement, and pay first and last months’ dues and fees for additional services purchased (if any) plus the initiation fee to join.

Can you go to LA Fitness as a guest?

LA Fitness Welcomes Everyone All LA Fitness locations will take guest passes and encourage everyone to explore as many of their gyms as they please until they find the one that is right for them. Visit lafitness.com to receive a free, one-week trial at any of their locations nationwide.

How many guests can you bring to LA Fitness?

two guestsReactivate Membership – VIP Guest Privileges. These privileges allow you to bring two guests with you to use the club under the following conditions: The guest must be accompanied by you. The guest must sign a medical and injury release form each time they use the club facilities.

Does LA Fitness check your picture?

With 24 Hour Fitness, they ask that you carry a photocopy of your ID and show it with your card. Of course, the photocopy is usually soo bad that they cant really make out the picture. They hardly look at the pic anways, just 100% always flip over my card to see if I have a photocopy with it then they’ll let me in.