Question: What Is The Pass Mark For FCE?

What level is FCE?

The exam is targeted at Level B2 of the CEFR.

The examination also provides reliable assessment at the level above B2 (Level C1) and the level below (Level B1)..

How do I pass the FCE test?

Fast and Easy Steps to Prepare for the Cambridge FCE ExamKnow what’s inside the exam. It’s always good to know what to expect. … Check the CEFR level descriptors, especially for B2. … Work on your English reading skills. … Improve your English grammar and vocabulary skills. … Listen to British English. … Practice speaking to real people.

How is the FCE exam scored?

How to calculate the score for B2 First (FCE)Reading: 30 items = 42 points. Part 1: 8 items (1 item = 1 point) … Use of English: 22 items = 28 points. … Writing: 2 items = 40 points. … Listening: 30 items = 30 points (1 ítem = 1 point) … Speaking: 60 points in total (not divided into items or parts).

How do you mark FCE reading and use of English?

Parts 1–3 – each correct answer receives 1 mark; Part 4 – each correct answer receives up to 2 marks. For Parts 5–6, each correct answer receives 2 marks; for Part 7, each correct answer receives 1 mark. This paper tests your knowledge of reading, vocabulary and grammar. Read widely.

How long does the FCE exam take?

Exam formatPaperContentReading and Use of English (1 hour 15 minutes) See sample paper7 parts/52 questionsWriting (1 hour 20 minutes) See sample paper2 partsListening (about 40 minutes) See sample paper4 parts/30 questionsSpeaking (14 minutes per pair of candidates) See sample paper4 parts

What is FCE English test?

The First Certificate Exam, or FCE, is a very popular general English exam for students who wish to obtain a qualification demonstrating an upper-intermediate level of English. It is well-recognised and accepted by many universities and businesses as a reliable English language test.