Question: What Is A Dependable Person?

What is an example of dependability?

Dependable employees respect deadlines, and make every effort to meet them.

Meeting deadlines is accomplished through proper planning and using work hours effectively.

An example of this is an employee who puts in extra hours to complete a very important report so management can make a contract presentation..

Why is dependability important in life?

Being a dependable person can also improve the quality of your life. If you are dependable people know they can count on you to be on time, do your best at something, finish the job and even do what’s right when no one is watching. You have earned their trust, they know you are reliable.

Is reliability a skill?

The most important employability skills are in the areas of: Getting along with and working well with other people, such as communication skills and other interpersonal skills; Being reliable and dependable: doing what you say you will by the deadline you have agreed, and turning up when you are meant to be there; and.

What are the top 10 work ethics?

The ten work ethic traits: appearance, attendance, attitude, character, communication, cooperation, organizational skills, productivity, respect and teamwork are defined as essential for student success and are listed below.

What are 2 characteristics of a dependable person?

A dependable person builds trust by holding him/herself accountable, and if they lead others, holding their team members accountable as well. Dependable people are also responsive. They anticipate others’ needs and flexibly respond to the situation at hand.

What makes a successful employee?

Honesty, Ambition and a Strong Work Ethic. Hardworking, honest employees with ambition can keep your company’s morale high. Employees possessing these traits are marketable, can be trusted with increased autonomy and are the ones you want to stick around.

How do you show dependability in a job interview?

If you want to gauge the reliability and dependability of job candidates, consider asking these questions.Tell me about a time your workday ended before you were able to finish your task. … Tell me about a time you had an argument with a co-worker. … Tell me about the most difficult decision you had to make recently.More items…

How do you say you are dependable?

Following are seven ways to show people you’re dependable.Do what you say you will do. If you make a commitment, live up to it. … Be timely. Showing up on time shows people you care. … Be responsive. When you’re dependable, you respond to requests. … Be organized. … Be accountable. … Follow up. … Be consistent.

Is dependable a strength?

A Dependable Strength is a strength that shows up in past good experiences you have had. It is one that you almost can’t help using whenever the opportunity arises, that you enjoy using and want to continue to use in the future.

What is the best example of dependable employee behavior?

This includes being relied on to come to work and meetings on time, and to complete work by a given deadline and at an acceptable level of quality. Dependability includes punctuality, which is being on time for work, meetings, and deadlines. It also includes good attendance, which is showing up for work regularly.

How do you show you are reliable?

So, to realize these benefits of being reliable, here are eight simple actions you can take.Manage Commitments. Being reliable does not mean saying yes to everyone. … Proactively Communicate. … Start and Finish. … Excel Daily. … Be Truthful. … Respect Time, Yours and Others’. … Value Your Values. … Use Your BEST Team.

What do you call a reliable person?

trusty adj. Dependable; faithful; reliable.

What makes someone reliable?

Being reliable is one of the most valued traits in a person. Put simply, being reliable means that if you say you will do something, you will do it. People who can be trusted to follow through in the little things are the people we trust with the bigger things.

What is dependability and responsibility?

An employee needs to be able to meet the social and workplace norms for grooming and dress, and to arrive for work reliably and punctually. … Being a dependable and responsible employee is essential for keeping one’s job, so understanding and practicing these skills will help ensure success in the work environment.

How do you use dependability in a sentence?

Dependability sentence examplesLoyalty and dependability become important qualities of good friends. … She provides flexibility and dependability in unexpected situations. … A Virgo woman’s loyalty and dependability will do well to quell the Scorpio man’s tendency to get jealous.More items…

How would you define a dependable employee?

Meeting Deadlines & Expectations. No one is at a hundred percent all the time, but the difference lies in your drive and determination to deliver. A dependable employee is someone who does not look at deadlines and performance expectations as “nice-to-haves”, they view them as a mission.

What is a dependable friend?

Being dependable means that friends can count on you to be there when you say you will, to do what you say you will, and to be willing to stand up for friends, especially when they can’t stand up for themselves.