Question: Does Divine Smite Require Concentration?

Why are Smite spells concentration?

All Smite spells only cost you a bonus action, not an action and have a duration of up to 1 minute (concentration), so they can be used pre-combat without costing you any action economy.

When you use Searing Smite during combat it has the potential to continuously deal damage or to cost one of the enemies an action..

Why is thunderous smite concentration?

Extending the concentration allows you to still be able to utilize when you do hit a creature.

Is wrathful smite good?

You should be using Wrathful Smite, it’s pretty good as frightened is a good condition and to get out of the spell it’s a wisdom CHECK, not a save, which the spells makes them take at disadvantage. Thunderous Smite is better than a Smite with a first level spell at early levels since you get the push and prone too.

Is divine smite a bonus action?

However, your player is right about the Divine Smite combo because while thunderous smite is a spell that is cast using a bonus action before you attack, Divine Smite is not a spell and does not require a bonus action it is a class feature that requires no action and is used after you hit with an attack.

Can you divine smite and thunderous smite?

You absolutely can. It’s a bonus action to cast the spell, and no other action to use divine smite, as you just need to hit a creature. … In theory you could cast thunderous smite the round before and still use smite the next turn.

How long does searing smite last?

1 minuteSearing smite is a concentration spell with a duration of up to 1 minute.

What is wrathful smite?

Cast this spell when you hit with a melee weapon attack on your turn. Your weapon stirs up feelings of doom in your target, and the attack deals 1d6 extra psychic damage. Additionally, the creature must make a Wisdom saving throw or be frightened until the spell ends.

Does divine smite need to be prepared?

You only need to prepare each spell once, as casting it consumes a spell slot instead of the prepared spell. The spell slots is what lets you cast those spells.

Does divine smite crit?

Under my DM’s current ruling, the Divine smite would not double it’s damage on a crit. Obviously everything is up to your GM at the end of the day, but RAW this is incorrect. The PHB states that “if the attack involves ANY other damage dice, you roll those dice twice as well.”

Can you divine smite with an unarmed strike?

Unarmed strikes are melee weapon attacks. And they don’t work with Divine Smite, which requires a weapon.

How does divine smite work?

Divine Smite Starting at 2nd Level, when you hit a creature with a melee weapon Attack, you can expend one spell slot to deal radiant damage to the target, in addition to the weapon’s damage. The extra damage is 2d8 for a 1st-level spell slot, plus 1d8 for each Spell Level higher than 1st, to a maximum of 5d8.

How often can I use divine smite?

As stated by Lunali you can use one spell slot per attack. The divine smite damage is 1d8 plus 1d8 per level of the spell slot used to a total maximum damage of 5d8 and this increases by 1d8 against creatures that are undead or fiends. There is otherwise no other limit.

Can a paladin be evil?

Paladins can be any of alignment, although evil paladins are extremely rare. However, their oath and their alignment can either be in harmony, or their oath might represent standards that they have not yet attained.

Can you divine smite while raging?

You can smite divinely while enraged. It’s rare–and explicitly spelled-out circumstances–where you’d make an attack but end up casting a spell. No, raging does not prevent you from using Divine Smite.

Can a paladin smite with a thrown weapon?

Per Crawford, No: you can’t use the paladin’s Divine Smite with a thrown weapon.

Can you smite on reaction?

You could also smite when you hit with a reaction attack. You can, however, Divine Smite while using a %Smite spell.

Can you cast divine smite twice?

The Paladin can smite as many times as he/she can land a hit and has the spell slots to fuel it. Yes, it can be a potentially massive amount of damage, but it’s also being powered by a fairly finite resource.

Is divine smite magic?

Divine Smite isn’t a spell but it is fueled by spell slots, which makes it magical for rules purposes. (When this ruling was first published in February 2016, it didn’t contain the spell slot criteria. It was revised along with several others in August 2017.)