How Does Cyanuric Acid Get Too High?

How do I lower the cyanuric acid in my pool?

The easiest way to lower the levels of cyanuric acid in your pool is to simply dilute the water.

Partially drain your swimming pool by the same percentage by which you want to reduce your cyanuric levels..

What does high CYA do in a pool?

High Levels of CYA Can Cause Algae Growth Whereas, Cyanuric Acid (CYA), also known as conditioner/stabilizer, helps prevent chlorine loss in swimming pools. As much as this chemical is vital in your swimming pool, it can also be extremely challenging when the levels get too high!

Will cyanuric acid lower over time?

Bottom line While cyanuric acid is an essential product in keeping chlorine active longer, it’s also important to realize that too much of it will weaken it, making it less effective in killing off the bad stuff.

Does cyanuric acid lower pH?

The fraction that ionizes is pH-dependent. … At ideal pH (7.4 to 7.6) and cyanuric acid levels (30 to 50 ppm), the cyanuric acid/cyanurate system will not significantly contribute to the buffering of pool water. However, as the cyanuric acid levels increase, they will have an effect on the total alkalinity test result.

How much does it cost to drain a pool to lower CYA?

Dilution can also occur by rainfall, backwashing, and splash out. When you are ready to lower the level of Cyanuric Acid in your pool, determine first how much lower you need it to be. If you need it lowered by say, for example, 10%, then you must drain 10% of the water from your pool and replace it with new water.

What is a good CYA level in pool?

You want your CYA levels to be between 30-50 ppm for a salt water generated pool, you will be looking at 70-80 ppm. Anything above 50 ppm or 80 ppm for salt water pools, will take longer to kill the bacteria in the water.

What causes high cyanuric acid in spas?

The most common way hot tub owners increase cyanuric acid is by adding stable chlorine to their hot tub (e.g. dichlor or trichlor). These chlorine solutions include stabilizer in them, which means cyanuric acid is added every time chlorine is added.

How much CYA does a puck add?

Two 8 ounce pucks is one pound and one puck in 10,000 gallons increases CYA by 3.3 ppm.

Can you swim if cyanuric acid is high?

What happens when CYA in a pool is too high? – CYA Levels exceeding a threshold of 70 parts-per-million of cyanuric acid can reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine in a pool. The amount of time it takes to kill bacteria lengthens as the concentration of CYA increases.

What is a high cyanuric acid level?

If your pool’s cyanuric acid level is over 50 ppm, you may notice algae growth, some difficulty maintaining balanced chemistry, cloudy pool water, and decreased sanitizing. If your level climbs above 100 ppm, you may not even be able to read the exact amount on a test strip.

Is high cyanuric acid dangerous?

Although cyanuric acid offers a low level of toxicity without any serious health concerns, having high-levels of this chemical in a pool puts people at risk because of the chlorine’s diminished ability to kill bacteria and viruses.

How do I lower the cyanuric acid in my spa?

Test strips are the easiest way to test cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid is raised by adding chlorine stabilizer containing cyanuric acid. The only way to lower cyanuric acid is by replacing water.