How Do I Reset My Fitness Tracker?

How do I reset my Smartband?

To reset to factory settings, follow these steps:Press the middle pusher button to power up display.Press the middle pusher button to enter app menu.Scroll and tap on Settings.Tap on System.Tap on Disconnect & Reset.Tap the checkmark to confirm.More items….

How do I reset a fit bit?

What should I know about using the Fitbit app on my Android phone?…To factory reset your tracker:Attach the charging cable to your tracker and plug the other end into a USB port.Press and hold the button for approximately two seconds and without letting go of the button: … Let go of the button and hold it down again.More items…

Why has my Fitbit stopped working?

Unplug your tracker from the cable. Fitbit Charge and Charge HR: Plug your Charge or Charge HR to the charging cable, and make sure the cable is plugged into a USB port on your computer. Press and hold the side button for 10-12 seconds. You’ll see the Fitbit logo and a version number appear on your tracker’s screen.

Why wont my VeryFitPro connect?

Make sure your device is not in low battery. 3. Set VeryFitPro as a trusted app on your phone’s app permission manager. … Go to VeryFitPro app, search the device named “ID115Plus HR”, in the list of found device, tap on “ID115Plus HR” to connect the device to your phone.

How do I connect my fitness tracker to my phone?

On your fitness tracker, press the button to wake up the screen, swipe the screen till you see the Bluetooth and smartphone icons and press the button again. On the Activate your device screen of your mobile app tap Band. Your Android device shows Searching. When the name of your band appears, tap on it.

How do you bind a device?

Binding or Unbinding Mobile DevicesOn the mobile device list on the left side of the screen, click the mobile device that you want to bind or unbind.Do one of the following. To bind a mobile device, click Bind Device, and then click OK on the pop-up dialog box to confirm.

How do you connect your phone to VeryFitPro?

How to connect ID107 smart watch to Android phoneDownload Veryfit 2.0 application. … Launch the app. … Search the watch on the app. … Connect the watch to Android phone. … Set your personal profile. … Unbind the watch and Android device.

How do you reset a striiv tracker?

Turn on the Striiv device and swipe to the left of the time/date (and battery percentage) screen to select Apps > swipe to the second Apps screen to select settings > swipe 4 screens to the right to the factory reset screen , tap to select and tap the check mark to confirm.

How do I reset my VeryFitPro?

1 Reset DeviceOpen the VeryFitPro app.Tap User.Tap System Setting.Tap Restart Device.

How do I reset my very fit pro?

How can I do a factory reset? While the Lintelek smart bracelet and the VeryFitPro App are connected, use the App to “unbind” the device (your bracelet). It will force the settings back to factory defaults.

How do you reset a wristband?

1 Factory ResetPlug in your Fitbit Charge and connect it to a USB port.Press the button on your tracker and hold. … Wait seven to nine seconds. … Press the button. … Press the button. … Press the button again. … Press the button again. … As you let go of the button, your tracker will turn off.More items…

Can I give my Fitbit to someone else?

Yes, temporarily or permanently. Each Fitbit must be synced to the Fitbit app using one’s credentials. After it has been synced, then that device will give tracking stats to the logged in user.

Why is my Fitbit not turning on?

Causes of a Fitbit Not Turning On Often, a Fitbit device won’t turn on because of a drained battery, a problem with charging, or it might be affected by a software error.