How Do I Cancel My Work Out World Membership Online?

How do I cancel my fit club membership?

You may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason, by contacting F.I.T.

Club directly via our contact form.


Club may terminate your membership at any time, without warning, if you breach these Terms of Service..

How much is the annual fee for Fitness Connection?


How do I write a cancellation letter?

Tips for writing a cancellation letterInclude the date of the letter along with the name and contact details of the organization.Also, give your complete name, your mailing address, and the subscription or membership details based on the records of the company.More items…•

How do you write a cancellation letter for a gym membership?

Please consider this letter as a formal request to cancel my gym membership number [xxxx]. I don’t wish to renew because [mention the reason here]. Under the current terms, I need to cancel at least [1 month] before the expiration date, so I’m still on the safe side.

How do I cancel my Fitness Connection membership online?

Cancel Fitness Connection online Go to the Fitness Connection website to find the cancelation form. Complete the form. Provide your email address. After you submit the address, you’ll get an email containing your case number.

Can you bring a guest to Fitness Connection?

A member may bring a guest with them every day. The same guest may only come once every four months. Guest must be 18 years of age or older.

What happens if I cancel my gym membership?

You’ll normally have to pay the full cost of your contract if you want to cancel a gym membership early. There are a few circumstances when you might be able to cancel without paying a fee. … Even if you can cancel, it’s likely that you’ll have to give a notice period (eg 30 days).

How do you stop a gym from charging you?

Start by sending a letter to the gym by certified mail, return receipt requested, repeating that you want your membership canceled. Keep a copy of this letter and the green receipt you get back in the mail as proof that you provided proper notice.

How do I cancel my year gym membership?

In order to terminate a contract, many gyms require members to submit a notarized letter of cancellation. This is a letter signed by an official notary public. When writing the letter, be sure to include your name, address, email address, and phone number. You must also list your gym account number.

Does Fitness Connection have a contract?

Fitness Connection is a health and recreation facility club that provides suited for excursive, sports, and other physical activities. The local gym’s advertisements boast state of the art facilities at a very low price of just $9.95 a month with no contract boundation.

Where do I send my cancellation letter to Fitness Connection?

type a letter with your first and last name, home address, reason for cancellation, and your member ID found on the back of your gym ID card. Mail to: Fitness Connection. 16969 North Texas Avenue Suite 500. Webster, TX 77598.

Can I use my gym membership at other locations?

member, you may select 4 gyms that you would like to be able to access in addition to your home gym. This can be done online in the Member Area. … You can choose and access any gym in our estate without changing your direct debit sum, however, as the price of a LIVE IT.

Why do gyms make it so hard to cancel?

The people who lack motivation and don’t go to the gym to make use of their membership also tend to lack the motivation to jump through all those hoops to cancel the gym membership. The result is lots of people who have memberships they don’t use and don’t cancel making lots of money for the gyms.

What happens if you cancel a direct debit?

If you cancel a direct debit before your contract is up, you will still owe the company money for their services. You will have to check with the company concerned about terminating your contract early, or changing the way you pay. If you don’t, the company is within their rights to recover money from you.