How Do I Add People To Garmin Scale?

How do you update Garmin scales?

Software Update Instructions for the Garmin Index Smart ScaleLog into your Garmin Connect account from a computer (software version is not displayed in Garmin Connect App)Click the Watch icon from the upper right hand of the screen.Select your Index Smart Scale.View Software Version..

Does Garmin have a scale?

Whether you’re an athlete in training or just trying to maintain a healthy weight, Garmin Index smart scale provides the metrics you need to track progress and see results. It measures weight (lbs, kg, st), body mass index (BMI), body fat/water percentage, bone mass and skeletal muscle mass.

What is the most accurate smart scale?

The 9 Best Smart Scales of 2020Best Overall: RENPHO Body Fat Scale at Amazon. … Best for Cardiovascular Health: Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale at Amazon. … Best Budget: WYZE Scale at Amazon. … Best for Measuring Body Fat: Omron Body Composition Monitor at Amazon. … Best Features: … Best Design: … Best with App: … Best with Wi-Fi:More items…•

How accurate is Garmin scale?

It connected to my phone via Bluetooth easily enough, but the Garmin Index Smart Scale will only work when it can connect to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – a major inconvenience. … The weight measurement appeared reasonably accurate and was consistent with other scales I own.

How do Garmin scales work?

The Garmin Index™ smart scale uses bioelectrical impedance to calculate your body composition. The device sends a small amount of electrical current (which you will not feel) from one foot through your body to the other foot.

How do I check Garmin software version?

To check the software version of your GarminHead to Settings > About.Here, you’ll see the Unit ID (the serial number), as well as the software version (e.g. 5.70 (1517997)). … Long press on the top button to bring up the system menus.Scroll down to Settings and select Start/Stop.More items…•

What scale works with Garmin Connect?

Wrap-upProductAmazonFitBit Aria WiFi Weight Scale $129AmazonGarmin Index Smart WiFi Scale $149AmazonWithings WS-30 WiFi Weight Scale $99AmazonWithings WS-50/Smart Body Analyzer WiFi Weight Scale $149AmazonNov 27, 2015

Does withings work with Garmin?

Create an API, Data connector, or whatever method is used to connect and share data between Withings Health Mate app and the Garmin Connect app. Ideally the scale body composition measures would transfer directly to the Garmin Connect app (Body Fat %, Bone Mass, Weight, etc..)

Is Garmin body fat accurate?

Both scales boast accurate results, however the variation between the two scales was drastic. The weight remained consistent to within . 1 of a kilogram between both scales, the body fat % was 10% greater on the Omron than the Garmin Smart scales.

How do I reset Garmin index?

To perform a factory reset on the Index Smart Scale, locate the RESET button on the underside of the scale, hold RESET for 5 seconds. When the factory reset is successful, the display will completely light up and then two circular arrows along with the WiFi icon will briefly appear for a few seconds.