Can I Leave A 2 Hour Tan On Overnight?

Can you leave loving tan on longer than 6 hours?

Development times are as follows: Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse (Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark) series: 6 – 8 hours (8 recommended) Loving Tan 2 Hr Express (Medium and Dark) series – 2 Hours only..

What happens if you leave Express Tan on too long?

Using warm water only, rinse after 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium and 3 hours for a dark tan. Don’t leave it on longer than 3 hours — the color continues to deepen for 8 hours after you wash it off so what you see in real time won’t be your final result.

Does loving tan come off in the pool?

Loving Tan on Instagram: “Loving Tan is waterproof so you can show off your killer tan at the beach with confidence!

Can I leave loving Tan 2 Hour Express on overnight?

Yes, you can sleep in our mousses! We would recommend rinsing off earlier rather than later with our 2 Hour Express mousses however to avoid the tan overdeveloping. We also would recommend that you wear long sleeved/legged clothing so that any colour transfer doesn’t not occur onto your bedding.

Can you leave 1 hour tan on overnight?

Once applied you can wash the tan off after just 1 hour, but for a deeper long lasting tan leave on your skin for up 8 hours. … For best results, we recommend letting your tan develop 6-8 hours.

What happens if you leave your tan on overnight?

Leaving fake tan on overnight is alright as long as the self-tanner doesn’t contain too much guide color, which can stain the sheets. Leaving your self-tanner on overnight can help the color fully develop, but try to use a quality sunless tanning mousse without much tint so that it will dry quickly.